SP280R – The new benchmark in rendering

HF Press+LipidTech provides proven technology for processing biomass material. Reliability and efficiency are the core features of our products. As an experienced partner, HF Press+LipidTech offers all essential components from spare parts, single machines and components, up to complete plants and therefore records a continuously rising demand.

Increased requirements in the market pose new challenges for manufacturers like HF. Over the years, the technology has been modernized and developed – we can rely on a mature and proven technology for processing and refining biomass and slaughter by-products and animal carcasses waste. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and experience, today, HF Press+LipidTech manufactures facilities, lines, apparatuses and components that meet all the requirements of epidemiological hygiene and statutory requirements according to European standards. In the field of plant engineering, HF Press+LipidTech specializes in the planning, engineering, design and construction of plants/lines for slaughter by-products and animal carcasses as well as drying plants.

A core component of biomass processing is the screw press. It is used for mechanical extraction of fats from dried semi-finished products. The unique self-centering, free-floating shaft of HF screw presses assure secure operation and the operator-friendly design enables optimum access for easy maintenance and exchange of spare parts. Not only the screw press design but also geometries and customized solutions are important. Due to more than 150 years of experience in mechanical engineering and screw pressing applications, operation at the highest standards is guaranteed.

The new screw press SP280R guarantees a greatly increased throughput compared to the SP220R. At the same time it achieves the already well-known very low residual fat content like the smaller press SP220R in order to obtain the maximum yield from your raw materials. In addition, the screw press can be supplied with the new designed foots shearing device and the press frame in stainless steel as it is required.

HF screw press SP280R features the following:

  • NEW: High Capacity 15-20 (mt/h) raw material
  • NEW: Optional with foots shearing device inclusive hydraulic unit
  • NEW: Press frame available in stainless steel
  • Screw press from the proven SP-screw press family for processing dried semi-finished product
  • Simple design for easy operation and optimum access for maintenance
  • Unique self-centering, free-floating shaft
  • Most advanced hard facing technology
  • Longest service life of wear parts resulting in reduced downtimes
  • Shear pin and safety coupling solutions to separate the drive from the screw press
  • Energy saving drive systems
  • Online screw press monitoring
  • Optional cake-breaking device
  • Optional frequency converter and control cabinet

General technical data:

Total length screw press (mm) 5,210
Total width screw press (mm) 1,780
Total length strainer cage (mm) 2,800
Main drive motor (kW) 160-200
Total net weight (mt) 16.000
Raw material, slaughterhouse waste and animal carcasses (mt/h) 15-20
Dried semi-finished product (mt) 5.3-6.5

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