Oil seed processing and refining technology – all out of one hand

Pressing of different kinds of seed several procedural and qualitative aspects need to be taken into consideration to guarantee the best possible pressing result.
Whether the sensitive seed is being prepared by mechanical or thermal means, the decisive factor lies in correct design and selection of the system.
This is crucial to the overall result and, ultimately, to your economic success.

Whether you plan a

  • Full-pressing plant
  • Pre-pressing plant
  • Cold pressing plant

HF is always the right partner for you.

Refining vegetable crude oils from a pressing plant or extraction plant, a series of process steps is involved.
HF has developed own technologies following the specified conditions in order to be able to provide the user with systems that are cost-effective and highly operational reliable, efficient, and easy in operation.
From crude oil to edible oil with state-of-the-art, innovative HF technology.

Whether you plan a

  • UF Degumming Plant
  • Neutralization Plant
  • Combined Process
  • Bleaching Plant
  • Winterization Plant
  • Deodorization Plant

HF is always the right partner for you.




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