Maintenance services & Consulting

We are constantly working on improvements and the optimization of our components, service, and availability of our essential parts to meet market demands.

The relationship with our customer is our utmost priority and is therefore our focus every day.

Refurbishments & repairs

Refurbishments & repairs

We offer refurbishments and repairs to screw shafts, strainer cages, and gearboxes. A rough estimation of the required efforts will be made by our professionals at short notice. We also have the opportunity to utilize our 3D laser measuringto achieve our high quality standards.

Retrofit kits & upgrades

In order to fulfill changing market requirements, we provide retrofitting of our EP16 final presses into EP20 pre-presses with a nominal capacity of approx. 750t/d.

  • Data preparation and technical analysis
  • Pre-checking of the actual condition
  • Specifying the new geometry according to the future application
  • Detailed planning and scheduling in accordance with the production planning and maintenance demands of the customer

Consulting & field service

Our service engineers, designers, and field service technicians are available 24/7 to support you during running operations or your annual shutdowns.

  • Troubleshooting in case of an emergency
  • Scheduled supervision & maintenance jobs
  • Equipment audits
  • Commissioning and start-ups
  • Procedural inspections & process optimization for oil mills and rendering plants

Maintenance Concept

We provide more than just support in machine design, assembly, and commissioning. Overall maintenance concepts are an essential part of our scope of supply.

  • Customized spare part packages
  • Supervision & equipment audits
  • Increased reliability & reduction of unscheduled downtime
  • Sustainable cost savings and safe & fast supply

Full maintenance concepts

  • Screw press
  • Flakers & Conditioners
  • Gearboxes

The exchange frequency depends on the service life of the spare parts and on a working hours-based analysis with a strong correlation with the processed material and the system specifications. Our full maintenance concept is not a rigid frame-work, but rather a customized program for your individual requirements, and will be tailored to you.


  • Premium Spare Parts, Maintenance Service & Consulting (English)


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