Screw presses

Uncompromising press technology for maximum press yield

Presses and press systems are used in mechanical extraction of oils from raw plant materials. Overall profitability is not just influenced by oil yield, in order to have a lasting effect, reliability and availability both play a key role too. What is more, importance is not just solely attached to the press as a core component, but is also attached to the selection and optimal installation and allocation of all the elements associated with it. Quality from the HF house is a guarantee for profitable business.

Presses for oilseed preparation

SP 220P (Small pre-press)
SP 220F (Small full-press)
SP 280P (Medium-size pre-press)
SP 280F (Large full-press)
SP 340P (Large pre-press)
Screening tank

We also supply special presses for animal waste products or special applications for the dewatering sector. For further information about HF's rendering technology please click here.

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